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Citytv+ combines your favourite binge-worthy shows from Citytv with FX and FXX content, all in one place for an unbeatable price of $4.99 per month (plus applicable taxes). It also offers live Citytv channels from across Canada as well as OMNI Television, so you can watch our regular programming as it happens, all available on Prime Video Channels in Canada.

Citytv has an on-demand content experience available to traditional tv subscribers, depending on your service provider. Citytv+ offers on-demand content, live channels and premium content from FX, FXX and more. Citytv+ is only available to Amazon Prime members.

You must be an Amazon Prime member to access Citytv+. You can sign up at PrimeVideo.com/CitytvPlus. Once you subscribe, you will get a free 7-day trial. After the trial period, Citytv+ is an add-on of only $4.99 to your Prime membership.

New shows and episodes are available for catchup one day after they first air on broadcast or stream live on Citytv+. Citytv+ subscribers have the option to watch live or catch up anytime.
CityNews is available through Prime Video and is accessible on the Prime Video homepage. Amazon Prime members have free access to watch CityNews 24/7 and CityNews 24/7 West.

Citytv+ is available for the low cost of $4.99 per month (plus applicable taxes). Amazon Prime members are offered a 7-day free trial. Restrictions apply.

Some content will be available for longer periods than others. Series will almost all be available for a minimum of 30 days after they air, so Citytv+ subscribers can binge watch full seasons.
For existing Amazon Prime Video members, please visit the Prime Video help page.